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Growing and Harvesting Wheat

Wheat is planted in the fall from the last week of September till the first week of November. We often plant it after we harvest some corn or soybeans. It sprouts, greens the field up and grows to about 3-4 inches tall and then it overwinters. As long as nobody drives on it overwinter it generally survives and starts growing again in the spring.

In the spring we often will spray a little Miracle-Gro on it to help it take off. It grows to about 3 feet high. We harvest it then in July. We try to quickly harvest it so that we can come back in and plant soybeans yet that growing season.

The combine cuts the wheat during harvest and threshes the wheat out. We take the grain to a wheat mill where they grind it up into flour. You in turn then buy that flour and use it in your baking. The stalk of the wheat plant is left laying in the field after the combine cuts and threshes the wheat out. We bale that up and sell it as straw that you can use to bed your animals.

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