Premium Bagged Wood Shavings & Delivery

Quality Bagged Shavings in Coatesville PA

We deliver from our farm in Coatesville Pennsylvania to yours with our fleet of trucks. Our delivery charges are $4.25 a mile from our location to yours. We handle two kinds of bagged shavings:

OBEC’S Premium XLS Wood Shavings

This is our premium quality wood shavings designed for racehorses and provides the ultimate in comfort and hygiene with optimum dust control. Treat your prize animals with premium bedding quality wood shavings!

OBEC’S Premium MS Wood Shavings

This is our most popular brand and is designed for horses but are also very suitable for other livestock. These medium-sized wood shavings are kiln-dried for maximum absorption, providing animals with excellent bedding cleanliness and comfort.

OBEC’S Premium SS Wood Shavings

These shavings offer the highest level of moisture absorption available. They were created especially for the dairy and pork industries where hygiene is paramount. Give your animals optimal protection against bacteria with high quality fine wood shavings.

OBEC’S Pick O Bec BOP Shavings

Pick O Bec is made of 100% softwood species. Its softness will provide comfort and cleanliness to your animals. The mini size shavings are dust extracted and offer high absorption capacity.

OBEC’S Premium WP Wood Shavings

Essentially made from 100% eastern white pine, This premium WP delivers freshness, comfort and cleanliness for your animals. With its particular size it offers superior absorption and no harmful dust.

Let us know how we can help with your wood shavings needs.

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Did you know we offer bush hogging? We can help you control the weeds on your property. Contact us for more information.


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