Welcome to Hougar Farms!

Hougar Farms is located in the beautiful farming country of Coatesville, PA.

We grow a variety of crops as well as offer varied services. While our roots in farming go back many generations, see our history, we pursue new technology as well as "thinking outside of the box". Our goal is to continue to grow our business, building on a foundation of innovative thinking, technology, superior management, and the blessing of God. At the same time we want to develop a relationship with our landowners and provide a return for them as well.

Hougar Farms is committed to farming with responsible stewardship values.

We continue to learn and want to be responsible stewards of the land. We do a mix of organic farming as well as conventional farming with varied levels of tillage. We work to find the right blend of conservation and economics for each different piece of land.

Feel free to check out learn page to learn about the different modes of farming.

Also if you have questions, just go to our ask page and we'll be happy to try and provide a solution. One of our goals is to educate others, as we believe that people can always learn more and usually they are hungry for good solid knowledge, we will do our best to provide.

We also offer varied products, so if you want to feed the deer some corn or you have a horse that needs hay or bedding, we would be happy to take care of your needs.

If you have a property that needs maintained, check out our list of services that we offer. We like to see things looking nice!

For you farm buffs, we have a picture and video section to see our operations in action. So take a look around and visit our blog, or like us on Facebook, and we'll try and keep you updated throughout the seasons.